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Other Adhesives

Other Adhesives

Parfix Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

Product Packing Color Viscosity,
Fixture Time
Strength (psi)
3420 1 oz bottle Clear 3 - 5 15 - 25 1,200 - 1,450
3422 1 oz bottle Clear 2,400 - 3,200 20 - 30 1,200 - 1,450
1155 Activator 2 oz bottle Clear 2 - 4 - -

Parcon Silicone Sealent

PARCONE 100% Silicone Sealant is ideal for bonding and sealing on most surfaces. This product resists aging, weathering and thermal cycling without hardening, shrinking or Cracking. It is formulated to withstand extreme temperature cycling, UV light and ozone. This low odor flexible sealant has excellent oil resistance and joint movement tolerance. This silicone sealant is non-slumps and can be applied to vertical or overhead surfaces without flowing or sagging.

PARCON Silicone Sealant is available in various colors and packaged in 300ml cartridge.

Parcon Silicone Sealent

Parbond 5105 Epoxy Adhesive

PARBOND 5105 transparent epoxy adhesive is specially developed to provide strong bonds to stone, quartz, granite and solid surface with excellent flexibility and toughness. This epoxy adhesive is ideal for freeze/ thaw conditions and offers and excellent shock and vibration resistance during transportation.

Available in convenient 1:1 mix ratio by volume and weight. Packaged in 1 gallon container.