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Parson Adhesives Inc. is a leading manufacturer of engineering adhesives. Parson caters to the requirement of over 2,500 customers across 54 different countries across the globe. Parson is a 100% US based company with production facility in Evansville, Indiana. The products are distributed through our distributor network. We lay a lot of emphasis on research and our product development team keeps coming up with new innovative formulations for various applications.

Parson is the manufacturer of Chromalok - a range of specialized color matched adhesives for the countertop and surfacing industry. The Chromalok range includes everything that the surfacing industry requires – Color-Matched Adhesive, Rodding Bonder, Composite Bonder, Component Bonder, Substrate Bonder, Epoxy Adhesives, Static Mixers and Dispensing Guns. These adhesives are matched to all popular finishes and colors provided by leading manufacturers of sheets for surfaces – refer the Chromalok Color Charts for more details. We have classified our color charts into groups like Solid Surface Color Charts, Quartz Color Charts, Natural Stone Color Charts, Ceramic Color Charts and more are getting added. In each of these charts, we provide the name of the sheet from the manufacturer and the corresponding Chromalok Color Match for that sheet. This makes the process of selection of the correct shade very simple. In some cases, we also provide an alternate color match, as and where applicable.

Our vision is to be a leading manufacturer of color matched adhesives for the countertop and surfacing industry. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality innovative products which comply to all the regulatory standards.

  • ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company
  • UL Approved Products
  • WRAS Certified Products
  • DVGW Certified Company
  • SGS Certified
  • REACH and RoHS Compliance
  • Medical USP Class VI Certified